Anatomy of a STOL Aircraft: Designing a Modern Short Take-Off and Landing Aircraft. "Form follows function" by Chris Heintz
Airfoil Selection by Bill Husa
The Bootstrap Approach to Aircraft Performance by John T. Lowry
(Part One Fixed-Pitch Propeller Airplanes)

You say your airplane's POH doesn't have some performance numbers you need? Or, because of airframe or powerplant modifications, your factory-original POH performance section is out of date? Or perhaps you need numbers for your one-of-a-kind homebuilt? Don't despair ... and don't guess! Now there's an easy way to calculate accurate light aircraft V-speeds, rates and angles of climb, thrust, drag, and much more. Aviation physicist and private pilot John T. Lowry shows you how.
The Bootstrap Approach to Aircraft Performance by John T. Lowry
(Part Two Constant-Speed Propeller Airplanes)

Calculating performance numbers for an airplane equipped with a constant-speed propeller requires a different bootstrap model than was used with fixed-pitch props. In this promised follow-up to his earlier article on performance of fixed-pitch propeller aircraft, aviation physicist John T. Lowry offers a downloadable spreadsheet plus some guidance on how to use it to calculate key V-speeds and performance numbers at any given combination of loading and atmospheric conditions.
The Bootstrap Approach to Aircraft Performance by John T. Lowry
(Part Three Maneuvering)

Okay, bootstrappers ... time to cut loose and have some fun! In the first two bootstrap articles by aviation physicist John T. Lowry Part One on basics for fixed-pitch aircraft, Part Two on constant-speed-prop aircraft the airplane was kept at full throttle, or perhaps gliding, and always wings level. But eagles don't soar wings-level. (Then again, neither do buzzards.) This article takes the airplane, still at full throttle, and lets it bank and turn. Since bootstrap calculations are easy and realistic, we'll be able to calculate interesting turn performance numbers and bring up some new concepts. To do that, two downloadable Excel spreadsheets are included: banks.xls, on geometric aspects of level turns, and bootstp3.xls, details on maneuvering a fixed-pitch airplane.

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