The Design of the Aeroplane by Darrol Stinton

The Design of the Aeroplane is a textbook of commonsense principles that pays due regard to basic airworthiness requirements of airplanes intended for operation by one pilot. The coverage spread is from micro-light to business executive, by way of sporting, aerobatic, training, and agricultural aircraft. The final chapter is devoted to practical examples of particular design projects that illustrate points made in preceding chapters.

GA Airfoils by Harry Riblett

This book is a critical study of the NACA airfoil design work addressing errors and omissions of the NACA work and correcting NACA airfoils where needed. This is a comprehensive catalog of airfoils designed for general aviation use. Also included are sections on general wing design, including planform, wing tips, root stakes, aircraft performance and stability, and more. 136 pages.

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