American General Aircraft AG-5B Tiger
Base price: $88,000 (1990*)
PowerplantLycoming O-360-A4K,
 180 hp at 2,700 rpm

    Recommended TBO

2,000 hr
Propeller Sensenich, two-blade,  76-in diameter
Length 22 ft
Height 7.83 ft
Wingspan 31.5 ft
Wing area l40 sq ft
Wing loading 17.1 lb/sq ft
Power loading 13.3 lb/hp
Seats 4
Cabin length 7.08 ft
Cabin width 3.33 ft
Cabin height 3.83 ft
Empty weight 1,548 lb
Max ramp weight 2,408 lb
Gross weight 2,408 lb
Useful load 1,089 lb
Payload w/full fuel 783 lb
Max takeoff weight 2,408 lb; utility, 2,058 lb
Max landing weight 2,408 lb
Fuel capacity 51.2 gal (51 gal usable)
  307 lb (306 lb usable)
Oil capacity 8 qt
Baggage capacity 120 lb
Takeoff distance, ground roll 1,083 ft
Takeoff distance over 50-ft obstacle 1,926 ft
Max demonstrated crosswind component 16 kt
Rate of climb, sea level 850 fpm
Max level speed, 8,500 ft 139 kt
Cruise speed/endurance w/45-min rsv, std fuel

    (fuel consumption)

    @ 75% power, best economy

139 kt/3.97 hr

    8,500 ft

(64.8 pph/10.8 gph)

    @ 65% power, best economy

129 kt/5.04 hr

    8,500 ft

(52.8 pph/8.8 gph)
Max operating altitude 13,800 ft
Landing distance over 50-ft obstacle 1,499 ft
Landing distance, ground roll 450 ft
Limiting and Recommended Airspeeds
Vx (best angle of climb) 70 KIAS
Vy (best rate of climb) 90 KIAS
Va (design maneuvering) 113 KIAS
Vfe (max flap extended) 104 KIAS
Maximum canopy open 113 KIAS
Vno (max structural cruising) 143 KIAS
Vne (never exceed) 174 KIAS
Vr (rotation) 60 KIAS
Vsl (stall, clean) 56 KIAS
Vso (stall, in landing configuration) 53 KIAS
All specifications are based on manufacturer's calculations.
All performance figures are based on standard day, standard atmosphere,
sea level, gross weight conditions unless otherwise noted.
* Price at the time of Reference Magazine (AOPA Pilot) was published.
Reference: AOPA Pilot, July 1990 Issue

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